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Our guest book shows how special a stay at Bridge Park Cottage can be.


A very quiet and comfortable cottage is lovely location. Great weather. An excellent religions!
—Nick C and Luping

Ben Lawers National Reserve


I second stayed bridge park.
—Gild, Netherlands

Weather was chilly but lots of sun a little dash of rain sometimes use perfect as always so other walks. The cottage is so nice and cosy feel surely want to come back at some other time thanks.
—Rick Sharon Gavin and Brenda


This was our sixth visit and weather was on our side this time!
—Margot and Mike

More garden views | Bridge Park Cottage


Perfect location, large varieties of birds come to the feeders for nuts and seeds. Other wildlife also visit the garden but haven’t seen the pine marten this year.
—Linda Roy and Billy

A great two weeks here, even saw at Beaver on the river when I was fishing!
—Andy and Lorraine


We had a lovely vacation the weather was very nice. Lots of birds, squirrels and even a group of deer at stay behind the river for a few days. We are definitely coming back!
—Pascal Sarah Mike and Lisa


The cottage was clean and helpful when it was raining. The place Beautiful with the mountains, the loch, the city the sheep who are awakened at 7am !  The Highland games was really good! Thanks for the biscuits.
—Denis, Catherine, Benoît, Fabio


Lovely area, had a lovely day today, hired a boat and caught a trout, well worth it!
—The Carrs

After a two year break we have introduced our new addition to the freedom of the large garden, perfect for dogs. Good to see the birds from the kitchen window again. The red squirrel in the trees. Where, made use of plums plums on the tree in the garden very nice with custard, better with crumble, but not as healthy! Nice new crockery have seen and heard the stag night.
—Rex and Glynis

Had another good holiday at Bridge Park. What a lovely the first week a bit hit and miss in the second thank you for the use of your cottage.


Wonderful to be back. We had a great time in the garden. Sophie loved the  wildlife—  spotted again blue tits, great tits,  coal tits, robins, dunnock, wren, pheasant, jays, blackbirds and, at the last minute, the woodpecker arrived!  No red squirrels this time though.  We always love getting cosy in the cottage and look forward to coming back.
—Jeannie Oliver Catherine and Sophie

Thank you!
—Victor and Jennifer

Guest testimonials Winter cattle | Bridge Park Cottage


Had a lovely week warm and comfy and welfare thank you.
—Victor Jennifer and Dais  Notts.

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